Important information on your natural gas bill

February was a challenging energy month across the nation and you will see it reflected in upcoming natural gas bills.

Frigid temperatures in our region and across the country resulted in higher demand and shortages of natural gas. While Texas experienced widespread power outages, the extreme cold also affected production at the state’s natural gas wells and consequently the supply of natural gas was constrained across the nation.

This widespread high demand resulted in unprecedented spikes in gas prices. The majority of the natural gas SWL&P purchases to serve customers is through fixed-price contracts; however, 20% of our contracts have flexible pricing affected by the recent extreme spikes in market prices. Any fluctuation is those costs (higher or lower) are required to be passed onto customers through the Purchased Gas Adjustment (PGA) on their monthly bill.

The true up of natural gas costs will be reflected over the next three months for all SWL&P natural gas customers. We estimate bills for the average residential natural gas customer to increase by approximately $0.50/therm in March 2021.

  March *April *May
Average usage (therms) 120 80 60
Average cost $94 $68 48
Estimated cost with PGA increase $162 $106 $65

*Estimated costs at this time. Actual costs are not known until the beginning of each month.

Actual increases will be based on each customer’s usage and billing period.

You can access monthly PGA information at: PGA Rider page

We understand that unexpected changes in pricing and resulting impact to a customer’s bill can be challenging and SWL&P’s Customer Service team is available to help. Please call us at 1-800-227-7957 or 715-394-2200 to learn about options available to you as a valued customer to help manage this recent gas increase and ongoing utility costs. A customer service representative can help set up a payment plan and discuss additional resource opportunities that may be able to help.