Water Outage Map

The SWLP Water Outage map shows the current extent of known water outages, both planned and unplanned, within the Superior Water, Light and Power service territory. This map is updated frequently in order to reflect current conditions. Click a point or boundary on the map to see more information on a specific outage.

Why is my water out?
Planned water outages are often needed to make system improvements. An automated call is typically sent out to customers affected by unplanned outages prior to the start date to notify customers of the temporary service disruption. In order to receive these calls you should ensure that we have a current telephone number for your service location.

Unplanned outages occur when something in the water distribution system unexpectedly breaks and repairs are needed immediately to restore service. Depending on the severity and/or length of outage, customers affected by an unplanned outage may or may not receive an automated call notifying them of the service disruption. During unplanned outages, you may also hear a notice describing the service disruption when you call our customer service number.

To report a water leak or outage, please contact one of our customer service representatives at 715-394-2200.


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