Electrical Emergency

Don't touch anyone in contact with a power source.

Fallen Power Lines
NEVER touch a fallen power line, or anything or anyone in contact with it. If someone is in a car that is touching fallen lines, do not touch them or the car - you could be shocked. Instead, call the power company. If a power line hits your vehicle, stay inside, warn others away, and wait for rescue personnel. If you must get out, jump clear without touching the vehicle and the ground at the same time, and shuffle away.

Electrical Fire
If electrical equipment catches fire, unplug it, or interrupt power at the main switch. Tell the fire department it's an electrical fire. If it's small, use a multipurpose fire extinguisher. If you doubt you can put it out, leave and take everyone with you. Remember, never use water on an electrical fire. (Learning your company's fire escape plan and procedures for notifying emergency personnel will help you move quickly if a fire occurs.)