We’re excited to offer Superior Solar, SWL&P’s first community solar garden. The project is still in the development phase, but we expect to be generating solar power in 2020, giving customers another choice in where they get their energy.

Currently, we’re working with others to find the right site for the project. Program details, including costs and subscriptions, will require approval from the Wisconsin Public Service Commission.

Community solar garden FAQs

A community solar garden is a simple way for customers to participate in solar without having to install a system on their own home or business. It’s a safe, flexible and convenient choice for customers who want to go solar but either rent or don’t have a location suitable for generating electricity from the sun.

An array of photovoltaic panels, also called PV panels, converts sunlight into electricity. The array is divided into blocks that individual customers can subscribe to in order to meet part or all of their energy needs. Solar garden subscribers receive credit for the energy produced from their subscription with their monthly billing.

All Superior Water, Light and Power residential and business electric customers are eligible to join the community solar garden.

Community solar garden subscribers are supporting a local renewable energy resource without having to purchase, install and maintain solar panels or other equipment at their home or business. Program costs will be fixed over the 25-year life of the program, which gives customers protection against potentially rising energy costs.

The solar garden will produce more energy in summer than in winter, so there may be times when you have more solar energy than you can use in a given month. In these cases, the extra solar energy credits will be “banked” and carried over to be used as a bill credit in months when less solar energy is produced or you use more energy. Subscriptions can be transferred or prorated and sold back to SWL&P if you move.

Subscribers will retain ownership of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs).

The cost of Superior Solar is fully paid for by customer subscriptions. These subscriptions pay for installation of the solar garden and its maintenance and upkeep over the 25-year life of the program.