Natural Gas Distribution System Upgrade

Superior Water, Light & Power is upgrading its natural gas distribution system to ensure long-term safety and reliability. Year three of the five-year project to upgrade the system that delivers natural gas to your home gets underway in April of 2018. We are replacing old steel gas mains and service lines with polyethylene pipe.

Our goal is to safely complete the improvements in your neighborhood with as few disruptions as possible. Here are answers to some questions you might have about the project.

What are you doing?
SWL&P is upgrading its system that delivers natural gas to your home or business. Areas in the city of Superior that have intermediate pressure will be converted to high pressure, ensuring continued reliability especially during times of high demand, such as extremely cold winter days and nights. The upgrade involves replacing regulators and underground pipe. If you have a gas meter inside your house, it will likely be relocated outside.

What parts of Superior are affected?
Work on the third phase of the project will be in central Superior and is in an area bounded by Faxon Street to Belknap Street and from Hammond Avenue to Catlin Avenue. About 750 homes will be affected. Construction will continue to move to other parts of the city in future years as the project progresses.

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The third phase of the project gets underway in April 2018

Work will continue through the summer and fall until the ground freezes and resume in spring 2019. Schedules for the remainder of the project are still being determined.

During construction, you can expect the following in your neighborhood:

  • SWL&P employees and contractors working in roadways and yards. SWL&P employees and contractors will carry ID badges and we encourage you to ask them for identification. Hanco Utilities of Lake Nebagamon, Wisconsin, will install the new natural gas mains and service lines under the direct supervision of SWL&P. SWL&P will always have an inspector on site.
  • Underground gas and other utility locations will be mapped using locator flags and paint.
  • Construction work, including holes and trenches, in roadways, boulevards and yards. All areas will be restored to their original condition.
  • As construction proceeds, parking may be limited to one side of a street or alley or prohibited on both sides of a street or alley during assigned work hours. “No Parking” signs will alert you to any restrictions.

The upgrade involves relocating natural gas meters to outside locations. If you have a meter inside your home, we’ll contact you to schedule a time for moving the meter.

Our priority is to keep disruptions to a minimum and we expect to restore service during the switchover in a timely fashion. We’ll give you advance notice of the temporary disruption in service and will use door hangers when needed to re-light your appliances.

For more information about how you can enjoy the benefits of safe, reliable and efficient natural gas. Click here to fill out an application for natural gas service.

Call SWL&P at 715-395-2200. (And ask about the gas system upgrade)