Meter Upgrade and Replacement

Superior Water, Light & Power is replacing analog meters with advanced digital meters that will give customers more control over their energy and water use and their bills, minimize monthly visits to homes and businesses, and improve billing accuracy.

SWL&P technicians will need access to your home to make the gas and water meter upgrades and appointments will be scheduled for times when an adult is available at the house. We encourage you to make an appointment during the week our technicians are scheduled to be in your area. Please see FAQs to learn how you can schedule an appointment.

We appreciate your cooperation and are eager to share this improved technology that will help us to better serve you.


SWL&P has added new technology that improves efficiency of the meters. These new meters will:

  • Deliver reads more quickly and limit the need for our technicians to enter your yard or home.
  • Help eliminate estimated meter reads when access has not been possible.
  • Improve meter readers' safety by limiting their exposure to potential hazards or obstacles including locked gates, tripping or falling hazards or pets.

Call the dedicated scheduling hotline at 877-642-2373 and speak with a SWL&P scheduling specialist who will work with you to find a date and time that works for you.

SWL&P technicians will:

  • Replace your water and gas utility meters (electric may be exchanged at another time).
    • Replace or install an advanced meter reading box to the outside of your home.
    • Most customers already have one of these small blue or black boxes on their homes.
    • If installing one of these boxes for the first time, technicians will run wire from the water meter inside the building to the box outside.
  • Perform a gas pressure test and a cross connection inspection of the water system to ensure your systems are operating safely. Click here to learn more about the cross connection inspection.
  • Most water meters and some gas meters are housed inside the property.
  • The SWL&P technicians will need to perform necessary safety and health tests, which include:
    • Pressure testing your gas system.
    • Re-lighting your pilot light to prevent gas leaks.
    • Inspecting any water boiler systems for backflow into your drinking water (cross connection inspection).

SWL&P meter technicians will perform all upgrades. They will be in marked SWL&P trucks or vans. All technicians will also carry an ID with a code that authorizes them to do utility work. Customers can request to see this identification at any time.

We will schedule upgrade appointments in 2-hour blocks of time, but the meter exchanges and upgrades are usually completed within 30-45 minutes, on average.

You can help our technicians by:

  • Contact us to set up your meter upgrade appointment by calling one our scheduling specialists at 877-642-2373.
  • Ensuring that an adult (someone older than 18) is home during your scheduled upgrade appointment.
  • Ensuring there is a clear path to all meters by removing obstructions such as outdoor furniture, storage boxes, etc.

SWL&P will notify each household by letter 3-4 weeks before your designated week for upgrade. You may also be contacted by other means, such as a phone call, postcard, or automated messages, when we are in your area.

We are excited to bring you this new technology to serve you even better. Thank you for being a valued customer of Superior Water, Light & Power.

About Your Meters

Electric customers

Where is the electric meter? It’s usually located on the side of your house. In some cases, the meter is located inside or on a pedestal on your property.
What happens during the upgrade? There may be a brief interruption of power, typically lasting no longer than 30 seconds, and you may have to reset your clocks.
What else? You don’t need to be home for the meter exchange if your meter is outside and accessible for our technicians. Almost all of the electric meters in our service area will be upgraded in 2017.

Natural gas customers

Where is the gas meter? It’s usually located on the side of your house. Occasionally, it is in your basement.
What happens during the upgrade? The gas meter technician will need access to the gas appliances in your home to relight pilot lights and check that the system is safe to operate. If you’re not at home during the upgrade, the technician will lock the gas service and leave information on your door instructing you to call us and schedule a time for us to return to restore service.
What else? Customers who have a newer gas meter won’t need a full upgrade. Instead, a technician will install additional equipment to the gas meter without disrupting gas service.

Water customers

Where is the water meter? It’s typically located in the basement or crawlspace or sometimes in a bathroom or kitchen. It’s always found where it is protected from the cold. The water meter often is connected to an outside meter reading device by a wire.
What happens during the upgrade? Our technician will need to access the interior of your home. Please confine your pets while we work. Water service will be disrupted for about 15 minutes and the technician may ask for your help in running water to pressurize your water system after the upgrade.
What else? Customers who have a newer water meter won’t need a full upgrade. Instead, a technician will install additional equipment without needing access to the indoor water meter.