Hydrant Flushing

What is Hydrant Flushing?

A part of the required annual maintenance program for water distribution systems.

Why is Flushing Necessary?

  • To ensure continual, adequate supply of potable water for our customers.
  • To meet Public Safety needs through fire protection.
  • To confirm that water supply systems - including valves and hydrants are in good working order

What to expect during Hydrant Flushing

Discolored water as a result of removing any particles and minerals that may have settled in the water main.

  • This discoloration only affects the appearance of the water and does not affect water quality.
  • No health hazards are associated with the discolored water that results from flushing.
  • Temporary reduced water pressure in areas where flushing is being conducted, and potential irregular pressure if flushing is being conducted in nearby areas.